Learn with 3500+ happy students


Students from across 35 countries


Handpicked teachers from top 10+ cities


Parents believe their child has became more skilled


Say Hello to the world's first web 3.0 school. Our curriculum is flexible and encourages our
learners to become creators, believers and change makers.
We take immense pride in enabling students to learn new technologies like NFT, Blockchain,
Metaverse, etc. We are making these technologies an inherent part of our student’s learning
experience and are rewarding them for their invaluable accomplishments.



At 21K School, we encourage creativity and instill a sense of entrepreneurship in children. For every artwork created by students (in the form of drawings, paintings, and more), 21K School turns it into NFTs (a digital asset that belongs to your child) and sells those in the marketplaces. For every sold art, a child receives 21K coins which can be redeemed in the form of a scholarship.

Step 1
Student creates artwork
Step 2
Uploads & sells on NFT marketplace
Step 3
Receives 21K coins for sold art
Step 4
Redeems coins as scholarships

Learn to Earn

We aim to instill a lifelong passion for learning in our students. Our Learn to Earn design rewards our students on a successful & satisfactory completion of any task. The gamified process excites & attracts students to spend time learning. We acknowledge students for their efforts by providing them 21K coins which can be used to pay fees or can be redeemed in other ways.

Step 1
Student receives
assignment & homework
by our AI driven LMS
Step 2
Student takes up &
completes these
Step 3
For the tasks well
completed, student
receives 21K Coins
Step 4
Based on previous
performances, student
is given more tasks
Step 5
Complete more
tasks and earn
more coins
Step 6
coins to
pay Fees

Teacher Rewards

Good teaching can shape nations. And we want all our teachers to be recognised, acknowledged, and rewarded for the efforts they put in. Data from the parameters such assessment, attendance, and class recordings are shared with the teachers in realtime to give them a transparent view of their rewards and to encourage improvement in the needed areas.

Step 1
Important parameters:
class videos views, assessment
scores & feedback
Step 2
the parameters
Step 3
Share real time
data of these
Step 4
Teachers earn rewards
based on their performance
on parameters
Step 5
Teachers receive
rewards based on
21K Coins


To equip our students with the latest technology advancements, we aim to reimagine traditional
ways of teaching. We will soon be introducing personalized and interactive virtual learning classes
for elevated learning experience. We will bring in the latest virtual reality technologies to help
students learn in a conducive environments and understand subjects very deeply.


We want to integrate blockchain technology for increased recognition and visibility of our students.
Our students and teachers will have a digital identity and we also aim to digitize the marksheet for
global validity. Also, all the storage and video calls will migrate to blockchain for ease of use.


Understand that learning is rewarding
Understand that learning is rewarding
Have an understanding of the latest technologies
Have an understanding of the latest technologies
Personalized & flexible learning to nurture & grow children
Personalized & flexible learning to nurture & grow children
Gain a global perspective while interacting with students from around 35 countries
Gain a global perspective while interacting with students from around 35 countries